Durham Herald-Sun May 3 1999 Page A 10
Durham, NC


Reaping what we've sown

The problem is sin and sin isn't fair. One
sins and another suffers for it. One drives
drunk; an innocent bystander gets killed.

Why are children killing? Did this gen-
eration suddenly gain access to weapons
for the first time in history? Is it the weap-
on that does the killing or the mind that
tells the hand to pull the trigger? When
a drunk driver is caught do we blame the
car? When there is a knifing, do we blame
the knife?

Know why children are murdering?
They do it because their parents are sit-
ting them in front of TV and movies that
are teaching them to do so. It has become
a normal part of their life and thoughts.
(remember the days of Noah, eh?)

Our Society has sown the wind. Basic
biblical morality has been cast aside. Most
so-called churches hardly even resemble
the religion in the Book of Acts, and some
even embrace sub-canine morals.

Children often do what they are taught to
do. Educational videos that are "enter-
taining" do a better job at "instruction."
You wonder where children are learning
various forms of immorality, including
murder? Consider the instructional videos
they are watching several hours a day,
year after year, combined with a spiritual
vacuum at home. Add in a measure of
emotional upheaval from premature illicit
relationships (not to mention drugs) and
you have one volatile situation. Your chil-
dren are only doing what they are taught.

Rev. Steve Winter

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