Durham Herald-Sun Monday October 7, 2002 page A6

Aid and comfort

Regarding George Will's Oct. 2 col-
umn ("Saddam's Democratic collabora-
tors"): I hope people will see his point.
We have congressional Democrats giv-
ing aid and comfort to the enemy and
allowing themselves to be propaganda
tools for "Saddam Insane," a murderer
and tyrant.

I hope and pray that the good solid
American citizens who happen to be
Democrats will see that come Election
Day they are going to have to choose
between their party and their country.

Can people not see that the economic
and security tragedies that we are now
suffering are because of those years of
corruption when Democrats had con-
trol? We had a Democratic president
selling nuclear secrets to China for
campaign contributions. That spirit is
still alive in the Democratic Party.

I hope and pray that people will
choose their country over their party
affiliation come Election Day. There is
so much at stake.


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