Durham Herald-Sun Wed Sept 7, 2005 page A6

Corruption's Dark Side


What should the recent breakdown in New Orleans teach us? Why was there no local protection for those trusting citizens at that dome? Where was their mayor? It appears that they had no competent local government there.

Socialist politicians have created a dependent social class that will support them faithfully at the voting booth for promises of more handouts.

We have a new voting block arising in Durham where a convicted criminal hopes to attain the position of mayor by uniting the socialist-created "dependent class" with the criminal "hip hop" class and she may well pull it off.

But what we have seen in New Orleans is that there can be a dark side to established corruption, and that is incompetence. Incompetence can be deadly when it exists in areas where government really should be asserting itself, protecting the people during disasters.

What we saw in New Orleans was a group of people taught to be dependent on their government suddenly and desperately needing competent local government. They needed a real mayor of substance, ability and integrity, instead of a cool, toilet mouth, hip-hop, "gangsta."

Many paid with their lives. The first responder in any disaster or attack is always local government.


September 7, 2005

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