Durham The Herald-Sun Friday, April 28 2000 Page A 14
Durham, NC


Castro's seal of approval

There is no longer any doubt that the "liberal"
politicians are ready and willing to use U.S.
troops (and what a shame to disgrace the 
Border Patrol) against U.S. citizens at whim
-- and even without a court order, even in
blatant defiance of a U.S. court ruling.

Remember that same administration
considers you, if you are in any way a real
Christian, home-schooler, or real patriot, to
be a threat and "hateful."  The current
administration has no respect for the 
Constitution, whether it be the Second
Amendment, the Fourth or the Ninth.

While efforts are relentless to disarm the
average citizen, domestic troops are being
trained for urban warfare.  This is a sign of
the times.  Those ignorant of history are
doomed to repeat it.  Do we really want a
federal government that bears the Fidel
Castro seal of approval?

Are you a member of the "Hezekiah
Memorial Church of Abundant Apathy"?



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