The Courier=Times Page A4 Editorial Page
Roxboro, N.C
WEDNESDAY, Feb 9, 2011

Religious freedom
To the editor:

    I read of some great service by
some of the Mormon faith helping
needy folks with firewood.
    Some of the finest citizens are
those of the Mormon faith, also
known as The Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints.
    These will often be pillars of the
community in matters of citizen-
ship etc. It is important to be aware
that Mormonism is not Christianity
in the Biblical sense, has noth-
ing to do with the Lord Jesus Christ
of the KJV Bible or the Christian
Church that was born on the Day of
Pentecost in Acts Chapter 2.
    They have their own bible to fit
their beliefs called the Book of Mor-
mon. Among their beliefs is that if
they are faithful they get to be gods
of their own worlds.
    To confirm this just do a Google
search for the phrase "Mormon be-
    Mormonism teaches that their
god created multiple worlds and each
world has people there. They teach
that multiple gods exist but each has
their own universe.
    They believe that they are only
subject to their universe's god and
whoever obtains the highest level of
their faith becomes a god themselves.
Sounds kinda cool, huh? Star
Wars has nothing on these guys.
    Obedience to Acts 2:38 to become
real Biblical Christians is not part
of their religion. But again, they are
some of the nicest neighbors and
nicest people you will ever meet and
we can all be thankful for a country
where we have freedom of religion.



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