Former trinity preacher gets baptised in Jesus Name. 

Jesus Name Water Baptism of Bro Adam Delvalle

See the photos and read his testimony

Adam Delvalle wrote in an email:
Hello Bro. Winter this is Adam Delvalle from facebook here's our
 pictures of our baptism. I hope you enjoy it was a great day for us our
 lives have not been the same.
 God is good and I praise the One and Only True God Jesus

August  2010

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Praise the Lord brothers and Sisters
For those who don't know me my name is Adam Del Valle my wife and I are
both from Boston Massachusetts. I would like to talk on the background
my wife and I have.  We were raised in a trinitarian church and that is
all we knew. Even though we would ask questions about the trinity and
they would bring up this egg non-sense saying the trinity is like a egg
shell, yoke and the white part.. I always thought how can someone compare
the Almighty to a little egg. Anyways in my own prayer time the Lord was
revealing to me more about how He IS ONE and there is no one beside him.

So I get really happy and start telling people I mean I'm a preaching
machine GOD IS ONE GOD IS ONE.. the people didn't take it and called me a
heretic and false teacher and that I am not saved. So I began to get mad
at God so I started debating with Oneness Pentecostals. Until one day I
met this brother who is apart of the UPCI who kept talking to me about
the Baptism in Jesus name at first I didn't take to well and I started
debating with him. And then one day we was talking I remembered how my
mother was Baptized in Jesus name according to Acts 2:38 and my heart
cracked. That heart that was once hard as a rock cracked and the Lord
revealed to me his truth even more until I gave in and I told the Lord
you win. " I KNOW YOU ARE ONE"

But in this prayer I told the Lord.. God I have too much to lose my
friends family ministerial covering its just to much Lord.. The Lord told

So my wife and I had a long talk and we both came to common ground and
embraced the Oneness of God and repented. Now our journey was not over
the Lord has commanded us to be baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for
the remission of sins according to Acts 2:38
We met Pastor Clyde Swearingin from Faith Pointe United Pentecostal
Church and were baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of
sins. We got baptized in a lake in New Hampshire brother Swearingin
Baptized me and He told me the Lord revealed to him before we came up
that I was the one to baptize my wife. So he baptized me and I baptized
my wife. The Power of God was manifested on that day to God be the glory..

This is my humble testimony I praise the Lord for what he is doing in
our lives.


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